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Childhood Glaucoma

Childhood glaucoma – additionally referred to as congenital glaucoma, paediatric glaucoma, or infantile glaucoma – happens to occur in babies and young children. It is generally detected within the initial years of life.

Khanna Institute Of Lasik
Khanna Institute Of Lasik

This is an uncommon problem that might be acquired or brought on by wrong growth of the eye’s water drainage system prior to birth. This leads to increased intraocular stress, which in turn damages the optic nerve.

Symptoms of childhood years’ glaucoma include bigger eyes, cloudiness of the cornea, as well as photosensitivity (level of sensitivity to light falling on the eye).

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Just how is it dealt with?
In a straightforward case, surgical treatment can typically correct such structural defects. Both medication and surgical procedure are called for sometimes.
Clinical therapies might entail making use of topical eye drops and oral medications. These treatments aid to either boost the departure of fluid from the eye or decrease the manufacturing of liquid inside the eye. Each result in lower eye stress.
There are two major kinds of medical therapies: filtering system surgical procedure as well as laser surgical procedure. Filtering surgical treatment (also referred to as micro surgical procedure) entails the use of tiny surgical devices to develop a drain canal in the eye. On the other hand, laser surgery utilizes a small, however powerful beam of light to make a small opening in the eye tissue.

What to Anticipate
Hundreds of kids with glaucoma can live complete lives. This is the best goal of glaucoma management. Although lost vision cannot be restored, it is possible to maximize each youngster’s continuing remnant vision. Just as vital is to motivate your kid’s freedom and also participation in his/her own self-care.

Indicators of Childhood Glaucoma
– Unusually big eyes
– Too much tearing
– Over cast eyes
– high level of sensitivity to the eyes

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