Understanding Corneal Foreign Body with Khanna Vision

A corneal foreign body refers to any tiny object or particle that finds its way onto the cornea or becomes embedded within its layers. Located at the front and center, the cornea is the clear surface of the eye. Due to its exposed position, it’s vulnerable to injuries and foreign objects such as dust, metal fragments, or wood splinters.

Corneal Foreign Body

The moment a foreign body touches the cornea, discomfort is almost immediate. Symptoms can encompass pain, redness, a blur in vision, excessive tearing, or the sensation of an intrusive object in the eye. It’s crucial not to touch or rub the eye, as this might push the foreign body deeper or lead to further abrasions.

If you suspect the presence of a corneal foreign body, it’s imperative to seek medical attention immediately. At Khanna Vision, under the expert guidance of Dr. Rajesh Khanna MD, patients are examined using advanced tools like the slit lamp to accurately locate and assess the foreign body. Depending on its nature and position, the foreign object might be delicately removed using sterile instruments or, in some cases, a micro-drill. Post-removal, patients are often prescribed antibiotic eye drops to ward off potential infections. Additionally, to aid the healing process, wearing an eye patch might be recommended.

Conclusion: Experiencing a corneal foreign body can be an unsettling event. However, with prompt and professional care, especially from trusted establishments like Khanna Vision led by Dr. Rajesh Khanna MD, recovery can be both quick and comprehensive. Safety glasses or protective goggles are always suggested to minimize the risk of such eye injuries.






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